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There is a need for increased knowledge regarding water quality concerns in Bangladesh.  I worked in Bangladesh for a non-govermental organization (NGO) named Mennonite Central Committee  (MCC) in the 1980s as an agronomist.  MCC is a relief, service, and peace agency representing fifteen Mennonite, Brethren in Christ and Amish bodies in North America.   My education and work expereince is primarily as a soil and environmental  scientist.

Recently, I have become concerned about the continuing arsenic situation in Bangladesh.  Few people in North America know much of the details regarding the situation there.  Yet the World Health Organization (WHO) has called it the largest human mass poisoning in history. 


In addition there are serious issues connected with climate change and increased salinization of the soil that needs to be addressed.

This website was developed to increase knowledge about the situation for people supporting MCC and/or anybody else who has an interest in the situation.

Photographs of persons in website

Photographs of Persons

Photographs are a very important way to help personalize an issue instead of using just words.  Regarding photos of people on this website, the following cautions have been followed.

Care is taken not to use photos of individual people where it is unknown whether permission was given by the people.   For this reason photos used on this website are taken from Human Rights Watch (HRW) reports.  They have a policy of obtaining permission for photos they use in their reports.  See the link below for their Photography Policy & Procedure document:


Use of such photos from HRW sources is granted through the Creative Commons License.  See HRW permissions information at link below:

Photos used are copied as found in the body of their reports, with original captions

Other photos were obtained from organizational sites when it appeared photos were for organizational publicity.



Feel free to email if if you have any comments or questions.



Bill Schumacher

MCC Bangladesh 1982-1985

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