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There is considerable information regarding the environmental  and water related issues in Bangladesh.  Below is a very small selection of that information though articles, news reports and videos.  From time to time other or newer information will be be shared and the older information archived.


Study documents lowered cognative ability from arsenic in the young, that in later years has caused significant decrease in earnings and productivity.

Using molecular genetics analysis and data collected on individuals for over 25 years, researchers were able to show the effects that lowered cognitive abilities from arsenic poisoning had on productivity in men and women.

Arsenic is wreaking havoc on the country of Bangladesh

The Poisoning of Bangladesh: How Arsenic Is Ravaging a Nation:   Read this story of how one of the largest public health crises in the world, yet little known to people outside of the research community, is affecting millions of people within Bangladesh.  The author provides a history of the crisis and reasons why the tragedy is lingering on.

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Digging Deeper - Bibliography of key articles related to arsenic in Bangladesh

For those who would like to explore a wider range of fairly recent documents regarding different aspects of arsenic, use or click the link below to be brought to a list of citations used in the paper "Arsenic, Bangladesh and Anabaptists" posted in the "Posts" section

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Water crisis in southern Bangladesh

Bangladesh, especially the southern part of the country, has several water quality problems working in tandem.  Arsenic in wells is being joined by increasing salinization due to climate change, and other contaminants are increasing a water crisis that could produce increasing migrants from the south to the capital, to escape the water problems. 

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Anti-arsenic programmes on the backburner!  

Two decades ago there was considerable attention to the arsenic problem, and discussion about how to mitigate it in Bangladesh.  Since then, much of that attention has dissipated and there is a lot of silence about the problem.  However there is still a large need for action.

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Bangladesh's villages bear the brutal cost of climate change

Countries discuss how to handle climate change while the most vunerable struggle wit hhow to deal with the currents effects of climate changes in small villages of Bangladesh.

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Climate Change, Salinization and Agriculture in Bangladesh

This video is talking about the increasing salinity of the land in the coastal area of Bangladesh (due to climate change) and  ideas on resolving the situation.

Bangladesh’s Madhumati river sees dramatic increase in salinity

A sudden rise in the amount of salt in one of the longest rivers in Bangladesh is having a devastating effect on public health and the environment.  The Madhumati river flows for nearly 200km through the country's southwest. This year, salinity in the Madhumati was measured at a concentration of 2,100 parts per million (ppm), the highest level in a decade.  Environmentalists warn if the saltwater intrusion continues at this rate, livelihoods, agriculture and the biodiversity of this region could be under serious threat.

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