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Intended Project

A step is being taken towards helping with the enormous need of providing safe water in areas where most of the wells are impacted with high levels of arsenic.

A small group of former MCCers who used to work in southern Bangladesh are working together to help set up a project to provide clean water to a heavily impacted area.

We are working with a Christian NGO on an initial 3-year project, in a rural township in one of the worst impacted areas of the country.  Total cost is expected to be approximatley $80,000 for the entire three year period of the project.  

Components  of the Project

  • Arsenic Education/Extension

  • Well Water Testing

  • Subdized Household Filters

  • Medical Treatment


USA instructions:

•    Go to

•    Under ‘I want to support a specific SIM worker or project’ type ‘arsenic’  • • •    Select ‘Arsenic Awareness & Alleviation Program – Bangladesh’

•    Under ‘Notes’ type in ‘Expansion Support’

•    Select your contribution amount

•    If desired, check ‘make this an ongoing monthly gift’

•    Fill in payment details & your info, then click ‘submit donation’

Or send a check made out to SIM to: SIM, 14830 Choate Circle, Charlotte, NC 28273. Write “project #098335 expansion support” on the memo line.

SIM USA: 1-704-588-4300 if need support

CANADA instructions:
•   Go to
•   Click on ‘Search Projects’
•   In the search box, type ‘arsenic’
•   Select ‘arsenic awareness and alleviation program’
•   Enter donation amount & click ‘add to basket’
•   Check ‘Recurring’ if you want to make a monthly donation
•   Click ‘+Add instructions to the finance office’; type ‘expansion support’ in the box & click OK
•   Fill in payment & billing info; then click ‘process gift’

Or send a check made out to SIM to:
SIM, 10 Huntingdale Blvd., Scarborough, ON M1W 2S5.  Write “project #098335 expansion support” on the memo line.

SIM Canada: 1-800-294-6918 if need support

Donations are tax deductible in each country if appropriate instructions are followed. 









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