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A Solution
 Partnering with SIM- Bangladesh to save lives

There is a lot of hope for the  arsenic problem though. This is a problem with a solution! Safe, uncontaminated water is the solution. We are partnering with SIM-Bangladesh to provide that! 


We have raised funds so far for a first expansion of SIM-Bangladesh’s arsenic project. Education sessions, water testing, filter distribution, and patient screening clinics are already happening in the expansion area.  This expansion will help and save thousands more lives.

A project that has been shown to be cost effective and able to save many lives.

Is there arsenic in the water?  In many places, people don't know!   With the project, water is tested and a water filter is provided, if needed for clean water.

Examples of what donated money does (US dollars):
• Annual screening for 10 patients: $25
• Kit to test 50 wells: $70
• Household filters for 10 households: $200 (filters last 5 years or more)
• Project worker monthly salary: $300

Click on the arrow to see an example of education and outreach in action. 

This video illustrates work that SIM-Bangladesh is doing with arsenic.

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All Videos

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