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Expansion Project
Project Updates

The new expansion project is south of the older original project.  Both are in SW Bangladesh in Faridpur District, where there are high amounts of arsenic.


Different skin conditions are often signs of arsenic poisoning, although often there are no signs at all

While arsenic work continues in the northern part of Faridpur District, a new office has opened, in the expansion area of Bhanga. 


Educational sessions, water testing, and filter distribution began there late summer 2023!  The first arsenic-focused mobile clinics were held in the area February 2024.  Bhanga is in the southern part of the district, southeast of where work has been going on for a number of years now. 

Recently medical doctors have come to visit the new expansion project to screen people for potential arsenic poisoning. Almost 100 people were examined!   An experienced staff member from the northern area has relocated to Bhanga for day-to-day management of the project expansion.  This provides needed continuity and arsenic mitigation expertise for the new area.  Additional staff have been hired and are in training. 


There is great need in Bhanga for help with arsenic in the drinking water, which is mostly obtained from shallow wells. 


Many of these wells are contaminated with high levels of arsenic.  Many of the local residents are unsure of what their well arsenic levels are, as testing has not been done for years. 


There has also been little education or medical assistance.  This project will provide, as in prior areas, needed testing, education, medical assistance and most importantly safe water sources.  


If no safe wells are nearby, SIM-Bangladesh will provide a home filter at a subsidized cost, providing safe water for years.

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