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Arsenic Project

An Active Arsenic Project that is helping People and Saving Lives

We are partnering with SIM-Bangladesh.  For the last 24 years they have had a small program that has helped and saved many lives.  It has been highly cost effective program.    Through generous donations that program has been expanded since last year and is now helping many more people.


Person being checked for arsenic symptoms by medical personnel in new project area


Symptoms of arsenic poisoning shown on skin of person from project area

Below are the four main components of the program:

1)  Test drinking water - Crucial for making decisions on changing water supply

2)  Provide clean water - if uncontaminated  drinking water not otherwise available, filters can be used

3)  Education and extension - needed to understand symptoms, dangers, for social accptance and know what to do.

4)  Medical Treatment - for those with arsenic poisoning

On the dropdown pages, read a description of the project and how it currently is doing all of the above.  In addition to reading details of the project, learn how you can support it under Donate 

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